For over 60 years our firm has represented victims of aviation disasters all over the world, building a reputation for excellence in aviation litigation both nationally and internationally.

Our firm has successfully represented victims of over 25 major air carrier crashes and well over 250 general aviation and military crashes, resulting in the recovery of tens of millions of dollars in damages for our clients. These cases have involved the crashes of a wide variety of aircraft, including major commercial airliners, smaller fixed wing aircraft, helicopters, military and ex-military aircraft, and experimental/homebuilt aircraft.  The causes of these crashes include pilot negligence, design and manufacturing defects (product liability), strict liability, negligent maintenance, unmarked obstructions, and numerous other reasons.  

Being situated in Seattle, Washington, home to the largest aircraft manufacturer in the world, our firm has built relationships that allow us to provide the best possible representation to our clients who have suffered a loss in an aircraft disaster.  Our Northwest roots also give us a unique perspective on crashes related to the aviation niches of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, such as float planes, bush planes, aerial logging operations, aerial wildlife surveys, and cruise ship charter flights.

We have attorneys licensed in Washington, Oregon, and Alaska, but often handle cases in other states on a pro hac vice basis and associate with local attorneys to bring claims on behalf of air disaster victims in Canada, Latin America, and around the world.  Our aviation attorneys have extensive expertise in the areas of conflicts of law, forum non conveniens, sovereign immunity, international air treaties and protocols and standards of regulation for pilots, air carriers, controllers, mechanics, and manufacturers. Our attorneys also have extensive experience with rules for complex  multi-district litigation, and jurisdictional disputes. 

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