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Krutch Lindell Bingham Jones, P. S. was founded in 1957 by retired shareholders Dick Krutch and Rocky Lindell with the goal of providing high quality, personalized and affordable legal services, in a wide variety of practice areas. The extensive experience of our attorneys, combined with our relatively small size, allows the firm to continue serving that original goal today. Krutch Lindell Bingham Jones is dedicated to the philosophy of delivering to our clients the highest quality of legal representation, while maintaining the highest of ethical standards.



Krutch Lindell Bingham Jones has a national and international reputation for excellence in the area of aviation accident litigation. Representative Cases in which our aviation attorneys have been involved include over 25 major air carrier crashes and well over 175 general aviation and military crashes, resulting in the recovery of tens of millions of dollars in damages for our clients.



Mr. Bingham limits his practice to representation of injured persons, including aviation, complex product liability, wrongful death and other personal injury cases.

A member of the firm's aviation department, Mr. Bingham has represented clients in litigation involving aviation accidents occurring in various jurisdictions throughout the United States, Canada and Europe, and has been admitted to practice law and try aviation cases in various jurisdictions throughout the United States. He is a past president of the Aviation Section of the King County Bar Association.


How Do I Select An Attorney?

The selection of the right attorney to represent you is an important decision. Among the important factors are the experience and reputation of a firm and a particular attorney, the areas of expertise or specialization offered by the firm and attorney and the manner in which a firm and attorney practices law. Every case and every client is unique. In selecting a law firm and an attorney, you should interview the attorney or attorneys you are considering to determine whether they have the experience, skills and track record to effectively and efficiently handle your case. Ask for examples of prior cases or legal matters which have been handled and their results. Our website, for instance, provides a list of representative cases in our aviation practice, and representative cases in other areas are available upon request. Evaluate the attorneys temperament and style to see if it is consistent with your own and your goals for your case. While no attorney can guarantee positive results, successful prior results in an area of specialization coupled with specific expertise can maximize your chances of success.


In the Japan Airlines case, our law firm established "fear of impending doom" as a separate element of damages to be awarded in a court of law to the estate of a victim killed in an aviation disaster. In 1994 we achieved what is believed to be one of the highest settlements in the country against a government contractor on behalf of a military pilot.



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