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Our firm has been involved in representing victims of over 25 major air disasters, including the following

  • El Al Airlines, Boeing 747-200 (crash) - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • Pan American Airlines/KLM Airlines, Boeing 747 - Canary Islands

  • Icelandic Airlines, DC-8 (hard landing)

  • Lufthansa Airlines, Boeing 747 (crash) - Nairobi

  • Pan American Airlines, DC-8 (crash) - Pago Pago

  • United Airlines, Boeing 747 (door loss) - Hawaii to New Zealand

  • Lauda Airlines, Boeing 747 (crash) - Thailand

  • Alaska Airlines, Boeing 727 (crash) - Juneau, Alaska

  • United Airlines, Boeing 737-200 (crash) - Chicago

  • Hughes Airlines, DC-9 (crash) - Wemme, Oregon

  • Mexicana Airlines, Boeing 727 (in-flight fire and crash) - Mexico

  • Eastern Airlines, DC-9 (crash) - Denver, Colorado

  • Alaska Airlines, MD-82 (runway crash) - PV Mexico to Sea-Tac (1997)

  • Air Portugal, Boeing 727 (runway crash) - Portugal

  • American Airlines, Lockheed Electra (prop accident) - Washington

  • Capital International Airlines, DC-8 (crash) - Newfoundland

  • Alaska Airlines, Boeing 727 (decompression) - Los Angeles to Portland

  • Japan Airlines, Boeing 747 (crash) - Tokyo to Osaka

  • USAF C5A (military air crash) - Saigon

  • Turkish Airlines, DC-10 (crash) - Paris, France

  • Birgenair, Boeing 757 (crash) - Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

  • American Airlines, Flight 102, DC-10 (runway crash) - Honolulu to Dallas

  • Alaska Airlines, Flight 261, MD-83 (crash) - near Ventura, California

  • Silk Air, Boeing 737 (crash) - Patenbang, Indonesia

  • Aeroferinco, LET 410 (crash) - near Chichen Itza, Mexico

In the Japan Airlines case, our law firm established "fear of impending doom" as a separate element of damages to be awarded in a court of law to the estate of a victim killed in an aviation disaster. In 1994 we achieved what is believed to be one of the highest settlements in the country against a government contractor on behalf of a military pilot.

In addition to the above cases, Krutch Lindell has also been involved in representing the victims of over 175 accidents involving smaller aircraft, including private and commercial fixed wing aircraft, private and commercial helicopters, and military aircraft.

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