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Attorney Thomas W. Bingham

Attorney Thomas W. Bingham Attorney Thomas W. Bingham

Tom Bingham limits his practice to representation of injured persons, including, aviation, complex product liability, wrongful death and other personal injury cases.

A member of the firm's aviation department, Mr. Bingham has represented clients in litigation involving aviation accidents occurring in various jurisdictions throughout the United States, Canada and Europe, and has been admitted to practice law and try aviation cases in various jurisdictions throughout the United States. He is a past president of the Aviation Section of the King County Bar Association.

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Attorney Jeffrey C. Jones

Attorney Jeffrey C. Jones Attorney Jeffrey C. Jones

Jeff Jones limits his practice to representation of injured persons, including aviation, construction site injury, wrongful death, complex product liability, maritime, professional negligence and other personal injury claims.

Mr. Jones has frequently been asked to lecture on matters of trial practice and is a past contributing author to the Washington State Bar Association Auto Accident Desk Book. He has also frequently been pacity of arbitrator and judge pro tempore.   Mr. Jones has also been named by Seattle Metropolitan Magazine as one of Seattle’s “Top Lawyers As Chosen By Their Peers” in the area of Personal Injury Law.

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J. Nathan Bingham

Attorney J. Nathan Bingham Attorney Thomas W. Bingham

Nate Bingham focuses his practice on representing people that have suffered serious injuries in automobileconstruction, and aviation accidents.

Prior to joining Krutch Lindell, Nate worked for a national insurance defense firm and defended personal injury lawsuits on behalf of insurers and corporations. This gave Nate a unique understanding of the defense’s perspective that now helps him effectively litigate and negotiate cases on behalf of plaintiffs. Nate also has experience as an Assistant City Prosecutor for the City of Seattle—successfully trying numerous criminal cases.

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Attorney Gregory S. Petrie

Attorney Gregory S. Petrie Attorney Gregory S. Petrie

Greg Petrie is “of Counsel” to the firm and focuses his practice in the areas of contracts, commercial transactions, construction law, real estate transactions, corporate law, estate planning and probate. He also has extensive experience in the areas of employee benefits, including ERISA work, and appraisal, architect and engineer malpractice defense.

Mr. Petrie has extensive experience in commercial and construction disputes. He is the chapter author of "The Role of Bonding on the Construction Project" in the Legal Handbook for Architects, Engineers and Contractors, and served for many years as an instructor of Essential Construction Law in courses sponsored by the Associated General Contractors.

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Attorney Richard F. Krutch, Retired

A founding member of the law firm prior to his retirement, Richard Krutch practiced extensively in the area of aviation accident and wrongful death claims. He has been responsible for litigation in 19 major air carrier crashes and more than 100 civilian aircraft accidents. His practice took him to England, Australia, Germany, Kenya, the Netherlands, Italy, Australia, Hong Kong, Canada and Mexico. Mr. Krutch is an expert in conflicts, choice of law and forum non conveniens issues and has been appointed by the courts to the discovery panels in several multi-district cases.

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Attorney Rocky V. Lindell, Retired

Rocky Lindell was also a founding member of the firm. His practice focused upon personal injury and real estate dispute litigation.

Mr. Lindell was also a recognized expert in the area of insurance company insolvency, and was appointed to represent the State of Washington as Special Attorney General in receiverships of several insolvent insurance companies. His vast experience in the insurance area extends to regulatory issues, as well as the activities and workings of Insurance Guaranty Associations throughout the nation.

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